Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find cleaning instructions for fabrics?

Every fabric shown on the LEE website will show one of the following cleaning codes:

OCleaning Recommendations for Organic Fabrics:

  • For overall cleaning: wash in cold water, using a biodegradable detergent or eco-friendly soap, and air dry. Organic dry cleaning is also recommended.
  • For spot cleaning: It is recommended that you test a small, inconspicuous area with an eco-friendly cleaner.
WSpot clean with water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. Do NOT use solvents to spot clean
SSpot clean with water-free dry cleaning solvent. Do not saturate. Do not use water. Pre-test a small, inconspicuous area before proceeding.
SWSpot clean with water-based upholstery cleaner or mild cleansing solvent. If using a slipcover washable fabric, machine wash in cold water with mild laundry cleaner.
XClean only by vacuuming or light brushing with a non-metallic stiff brush. WARNING: Do not use any water or solvent-based cleaner.

In addition, LEE performers will also have a Care Instructions link that will connect you to cleaning instructions for that specific performer.

What makes a fabric a performance fabric?

Performance fabrics are characterized as exceling in the areas of durability, cleanability and outdoor use.

Do sofas and sectionals come with arm caps?

As explained on page 2 of your price list, arm caps are optional but available for no charge on all fully upholstered frames. Arm caps are not available in leather or coveralls. Extra sets of arm caps are available at $36 (wholesale) per set.

Where do I find COM pricing and how much is needed for a piece?

COM pricing is equivalent to a Fabric Grade I and is listed in the price list for every piece.

What do the symbols next to the SKU numbers in the price list mean?

The symbols next to the SKUs in the price list are very important and should be paid close attention to so that orders are clear and not missing any information. Meanings of the symbols can be found on the first page of your price list.

Some styles in the price list include footnote symbols:

*Specify Finish
°Oak Frame or Base
Not available in whitewash finish
:Replace Caster with feet. No charge.
~Removeable Feet
ÙSinuous spring seat
¢Spring Edge Seat
/Storage Ottomans. Specify fabric choice. Choose any LEE fabric at same grade or lower at no upchare.
Track trim available. Use nailhead upcharge.
How do I price out pieces with multiple fabrics?

As explained on page 1 of the price list, a contrast fabric charge of $21 is applied for each additional fabric added after the piece is priced in the highest grade chosen. The same goes for leather, but at $27 (page 4) (wholesale).

Do any finishes have upcharges?

Driftwood, Beachwood and Fawn Finishes are available with the following upcharges:

Exposed Wood FramesSofa $100
Loveseat $74
Chair $49
Ottoman $36
Stretcher Base/Wood BaseSofa $86
Loveseat $62
Chair $36
Ottoman $26
Feet/Legs/PostsAll Frames $26
Can you change the cushion configuration on a sofa?

Per page 2 of the price list, to change the seat and/or back cushion configuration on any sofa or loveseat add $132 (wholesale).

What is a special handling fee?

As explained on page 2 of the wholesale price list, special handling fees can be applied for requests not otherwise covered by option or custom charges. For example, modifying existing skirt length, fabric application changes, decorative trim applications of nonstandard areas, mitering cushions, back or ottoman tops.

  • Sofa: $180
  • Loveseat/Chaise/Bed: $119
  • Chair: $88
  • Ottoman: $60
Where can I find fabric pricing by the yard?

Page 18 of the price list shows fabric pricing by the yard:

D $10H $23L $31P $40T $50Z $64GG $76
E $12I $25M $33Q $43U $52BB $70II $77
F $17J $27N $35R $46V $54CC $72NN $79
G $21K $29O $37S $48X $60EE $74LUXE $102
Where can I find leather pricing per square foot?

Page 4 of the price list shows leather pricing per square foot:

Grade 1 $6Grade 2 $7Grade 3 $8Grade 4 $9
Grade 5 $10Grade 6 $12Grade 7 $16

Leather may be purchased in full hides only.

Where do I find the dimensions and weight of individual pieces that I can use to request a freight quote?

At the top of each price page just below the style numbers and sketches of each frame, you can find the weight and dimensions of each piece.

What are the most popular seat cushion options and how do you rate them from softest to most firm?

Haven – softest (foam core wrapped in down and feather), Cloud 9 (Inner spring wrapped in foam, regenerated fibers and down and feather) and NaturalLEE – firmest (Foam wrapped in regenerated fibers).

What are the benefits of Plush fill and why would my customer want that instead of down fill?
Plush is a great alternative for customers that are allergic to down. It’s also has a little more memory than down, so it’s a good option for people that would prefer to fluff their cushions a little less often.
Where do I find the throw size and number of throws for each piece of furniture?

In the middle of each price page, just below the column of fabric grades, you can find the throw size and the number of throws that come standard with each piece. If your customer wants to purchase extra pillows, please refer to the Optional Throw Pillow pages at the front of the price book.