Performance Fabrics

We’ve explored, we’ve engineered and we’ve created the standard for LEE Performer Fabrics.

To qualify as a INDOOR Stain Resistant LEE Performer, the fabric must be easily cleanable. That means the yarns have either been engineered to resist stains or have a lasting stain barrier.

To qualify as a OUTDOOR/INDOOR Fade Resistant LEE Performer, the yarns must be engineered with a UV inhibitor.  Our fade resistance is guaranteed to last a minimum of 3 years (or 1200 hours).

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Traditionally dyed and printed fabrics have color applied only to the surface of the fibers. Like a radish, which is red on the outside, but white on the inside. Sunbrella fabrics are like carrots. The color goes to the core of every fiber and can’t be wiped away no matter what happens to the fabric or yarn surface. Because the color is an integral part of the fiber, Sunbrella fabrics are engineered to resist fading and degradation from sunlight.


Crypton Home fabrics use a patented “repel and release” technology that resists stains, moisture and odors. This technology is integrated into each fiber of their fabric, so the resistance won’t break down over time. Crypton’s technology also prohibits the growth of bacteria. Because Crypton’s patented technology is applied at a molecular level, these beautiful, durable fabrics can withstand repeated cleanings without their protective technology ever washing or wearing away. The end result is performance indoor fabric that resists stains, repels water, prevents odors, and inhibits the growth of bacteria—all without sacrificing aesthetics, hand, or breathability.

Inside Out

Inside Out is an All-In-One performance fabric that can withstand the elements, both inside and outside. Inside Out Performance Fabrics® pairs superior design and unmatched performance to weather any storm in your home, sunroom or outdoors. Fade and stain resistant.